Imagine a hobby that takes you on an adventure throughout the history of time, commemorates heroes and significant events, expands your knowledge on the vast differences between cultures and politics, enhances your appreciation of the finer detail in art and can even last a lifetime!

The mystique of coin collecting dates back to ancient times, when coins gained their uniqueness from imperfections and served as a hobby for kings and queens. Surviving into the modern world of today, this hobby has become increasingly popular under both younger and older people of age.

While many consider starting this hobby purely for the sake of an enjoyable investment, others have developed a true love and fascination in owning these miniature works of art. Each reason is uniquely individual as each collector himself, but they all share one common trait. The love for the coins which they collect.

Here are 5 reasons why coin collecting can be considered a worthwhile pursuit:

1. The Challenge

It is in our nature that we always tend to seek things that cannot be easily found. Some collectors find pleasure in the quest to track down some of the rarest coins. When budget is no obstacle, coins of any value can be purchased. But the real challenge exists in the hunt for the hard to find coins. Whether it be due limited mintages, significant years or even personal preference, each collector has his own reason for being magnetized to the “thrill of the hunt”.

2. Collecting for Profit

In today’s turbulent world, coins can be considered a safe haven. Due to the gold and silver content, the value of coins grow increasingly over time. Most collectors appreciate the long-term benefits of coin collecting, acquiring rare coins of high quality and reselling them after they grew in value.

3. Collecting for Memories and History

One of the most popular reasons for coin collection, is to commemorate significant events. Coin collecting not only allows you to travel back into history, but also to create special memories for the future. Whether coins are meant to serve as traveling mementos, or purely for the desire to own a piece of history, collectors recognize that coins are much more worth than just their face value.

4. Collecting for Fun

For some collectors, coin collecting has become the perfect hobby to escape their daily lives and venture into history. Looking for special pieces, doing inventory and sorting coins into categories, coin collecting can serve as an extremely relaxing hobby for releasing stress and enjoying the “quiet time” with the collection. This hobby can also promote social interaction through coin clubs and social gatherings.

5. Something to Pass On

Besides coin collecting being both exciting and challenging, some collectors do it to pass something on to their children and even share the hobby with them. Not only has coins been proven to be a worthwhile investment, but also carries special memories of history on to the next generation.

Whether you are a coin collector or not, it cannot be denied that this hobby is absolutely worth it. The best part about collecting coins is that anyone can start at any moment with any available budget. Each individual has their own unique reason for enjoying satisfaction out of this hobby, but whatever the reason, it’s definitely worth a shot