For us to start on our journey to explore this marvelous coins we need to go a few million years back approximately 188 million years ago to the early part of the Jurassic Period of what is now known as Africa.

The Coelophysis Rhodesiensis which luckily no longers linger in the African fields was a small to medium creature which was only about 3 meters tall. It was originally discovered in a fossil bed in Zimbabwe which has made paleontologists believe that this dino hunted in packs.

The Coelophysis rhodesiensis was a small and agile dinosaur which preyed on small animals, inhabited South Africa and Zimbabwe during the early part of the Jurassic period. This were a slenderly build, bipedal dinosaur that grew up to 3 m long and weighed about 32 kg.

Age determination studies using growth ring counts suggest that the longevity of Coelophysis Rhodesiensis was approximately seven years.

The supposed "weak joint" in the jaw, led to the early hypothesis that dinosaurs such as these were scavengers, as the front teeth and bone structure of the jaw were thought to be too weak to take down and hold struggling prey

More about our coin

This R25 fine-silver coin features this Coelophysidae dino which were highly successful primitive theropod dinosaurs that lived worldwide from the late Triassic to early Jurassic.

The silver coin has a mass of 31.107 g metal content and a mintage of 15 000.

Minted by the SA Mint. It is available to buy at a quite a few dealers.