South Africa, homeland of whom some may call a revolutionary hero, while others might
go as far to say the most respected political figure in history. His name is Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela!

R5 circulation coin

Paying tribute to a great man with over five million 90th birthday Madiba coins minted,
you might have come across a R5 and thought to spend or to keep. After all,
nothing about the former South African president quite fits the conventional
standards, with a special aura surrounding everything with Madiba’s resemblance.
Surely a coin depicting one of the greatest politicians should be worth something?

You will probably be disappointed when you hear that your R5 is only worth its face
value. Unfortunately, their non-precious metal content and large mintage status, all play a
role in preventing these circulation R5 coins from ever becoming investments.

Circulation coins are issued by the SARB to commemorate a person or event, that had a
profound impact on society. These coins usually have a large mintage and is made available to the public with only their face value.

Certainly, there are several Mandela commemorative coins considered to be collectors’
items which gain their value from their small mintage. There are also Mandela medallions
made from precious metals. You can visit the link to find some valuable Mandela coins
considered to be limited-edition collectors’ coins. These coins are usually packaged in
capsules and accompanied by relevant certificates to prove their

Although your Madiba commemorative R5 coins with no rarity attached to them, might not
be considered collector’s items, it doesn’t mean that these are just ordinary coins. It is
encouraged to use these coins for your purchase for the next person to be able to
experience the beauty of these coins and remember the legacy of Madiba. Perhaps the true value of coins isn’t supposed to lie in their physical value, but in the precious memories it resembles.